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Restaurant Bar Installations
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We provide full service build and layout renovations for bars, restaurants, hotels bed & breakfasts, office spaces and more. As a former restauranteur, I’m fully aware of the heart, dedication and passion required for any type of business venture. Roy Renovations can build and create you a beautiful space along with the design infrastructure for operational success.

  • We will work with you to optimize your business’s workflow and incorporate this into the project design
  • Design enhancements to a business’s workflow and layout can result in a leaner more profitable operation


  • 20 years of work within the hospitality and service industry
  • Specialty in bar & restaurant design and construction
  • We work with the best draft beer engineer and system installer in the business
  • Flexibility in work scheduling to get our clients up and running


  • Is it possible for our business to remain operational while construction is taking place?

    This will most definitely depend on the scope of work involved with the project and what type of business is taking place. Simpler tasks such as door replacements or bathroom tiling may not affect hours of operation. However, major work to a building’s infrastructure such as plumbing, electrical or supporting structures may require closure for a period of time due to safety reasons.

  • Can work be done outside of our hours of operation?

    We have the ability to be flexible to meet our customers needs. If it means that a floor needs to be installed after hours then Roy Renovations can and will make adjustments in our work hours.

  • Will there be loud noise from tool operation? Our employees need to spend significant time on the phones with our insurance clients.

    If a business is in operation, we try to perform the majority of our work outside. If the project requires it, we can build certain phases of the project off site and install finished materials when business is done for the day.

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